Summary of National Competitions

DateStartEventVenueConvenorInformationWeb Page
24/02/2018National Men's PairsDundee
25/02/2018National Men's TeamsDundee
03/03/2018National Bronze TeamsDistricts
13/03/2018Schools Minibridge Championship
19/03/2018Hugh Kelsey Pairs & Kennedy QualsClubs
20/03/2018Hugh Kelsey Pairs & Kennedy QualsClubs
21/03/2018Hugh Kelsey Pairs & Kennedy QualsClubs
22/03/2018Hugh Kelsey Pairs & Kennedy QualsClubs
23/03/2018Hugh Kelsey Pairs & Kennedy QualsClubs
24/03/2018National Women's PairsNewtonmore
25/03/2018National Women's TeamsNewtonmore
07/04/2018Farquharson Trophy
09/04/2018British Spring Sim/ Celtic SimClubs
10/04/2018British Spring Sim/ Celtic SimClubs
11/04/2018British Spring Sim/ Celtic SimClubs
12/04/2018British Spring Sim/ Celtic SimClubs
21/04/2018Benjamin/ Harrison/ Shenkin/ Fairlie
22/04/2018Kennedy Pairs Final
22/04/2018National Pairs Final
13/05/2018Scottish Swiss Pairs
19/05/2018SBU Bronze Weekend
20/05/2018SBU Bronze Weekend
26/05/2018Frischmann Junior National Pairs
26/05/2018Spence CupSouth
29/05/2018SBU AGMStirling
23/07/2018British Summer Sim PairsClubs
24/07/2018British Summer Sim PairsClubs
25/07/2018British Summer Sim PairsClubs
26/07/2018British Summer Sim PairsClubs

(* denotes Bronze only event)

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